Friday, 2 March 2007

Online Backups

I was helping my Dad with his backup procedures on his home machine… He isn’t exactly technology-savy, so I needed to find him something that was easy to use and wouldn’t require a lot of extra hardware.

That’s where Mozy came in…


Signing up doesn’t require your address, credit card number, or any of that other nonsense. Just an email address, your name (though it’s not verified), and then a couple questions like whether you are a geek or not, what type of job you have, etc. Quick and painless.

You can use it free as long as you want to backup up to 2gigs worth of data… that would cover all of your documents, favorites, email files, etc. as well as a decent amount of software and music. If you want unlimited storage, that’s $4.95/month

It runs in the background, so you won’t even notice it running. Also, you can provide your own encryption key in order to make sure no one but you can potentially access the data.

Me likey :)

Be nice and use the link from this post… That has the referral code on there, which gives me a whopping 256MB extra for everyone who signs up for online backup (free or not) and uses it at least once. Check it out.