Monday, 21 September 2009

Dear Sir/Madam: Your Website Sucks. Love, Kevin.

Sent this to Citi’s customer service department.. after yet another horrible experience while using their website to manage my credit card.

Let users choose their own security questions. And don’t put any silly limits on it (i.e. asking a pet’s name and then complaining because the name wasn’t as long as what the system thinks should be a minimum length).

The current system security questions/answers is completely asinine.

I was just prompted with a security question asking what date my youngest child was born. Are you kidding me…? I’m 28 and don’t have any kids. If I have to put some bogus information in there (that I then can’t remember, of course), how is that considered effective security?

The second security question I was prompted with asked who my arch-nemesis was in elementary school. Let me say that again just for emphasis. ARCH…. NEMESIS…. Who do you issue credit cards to, Spider Man and the members of X-Men?!?!?

Please fix this system. Offer as many pre-made questions as you like, but give the option to let us choose our own questions and answers.

–Kevin Fairchild