Saturday, 30 September 2017

Memory Fault

Whether it is my original system-generated username from Prodigy in middle school (MMFD70D), my dad’s license plate from when I was in elementary school (LDV-34G), or completely seemingly-useless bits of details like the manufacturer of the urinals at the office (Sloan), my brain just tends to soak it all up.

Over the years, people have praised my ability to remember things…

Sometimes I feels like quite a blessing. But I feel like it is also a bit of a curse.

Because I could rely on my memory, I didn’t really have to apply myself in school. As long as I could remember enough concepts and terminology, I could squeak by without really having to put in much effort.

Looking back, I regret taking that path of least resistance.

Don’t get me wrong… I definitely appreciate having it as one more tool at my disposal. Thanks to my memory, I can keep track of a lot more moving pieces during projects than most folks, which is a huge boon for my productivity and efficiency.

It just might have been nice if I hadn’t been able to use it as a crutch while I was in school… Still, though… Can’t change the past… And even if I didn’t put in all of my effort into education early on, who’s to say I would be in a better position at this point in my life if I had? I have an awesome wife, an adorable daughter, and things are good. Maybe I need to remember that more…