Monday, 28 November 2011

Sometimes They Get It Right

As much as a complain about companies who are constantly getting it wrong, I have to say that Delta actually did it right with their Twitter support team.

It started out with me doing my usual shout into the dark

Some companies monitor Twitter actively and some don’t.

Within a minute or so of posting my question, I received a helpful response from @DeltaAssist, letting me know the situation and giving me an option to address my issue.

I sent them a direct message with the information and they took care of the rest.


Now, yes, I can certainly fault Delta for not giving me the option to do that functionality myself via the website… I mean, if all that’s needed is a SkyMiles account number and a confirmation number, what’s the issue…? But at least there was a “Plan B” that worked.

Using Twitter to quickly solve customer issues is awesome. I just wish more companies used it like that.