Sleek Designs

I was looking at Lady Ada’s WaveBubble today. Her work has impressed me in the past and this is certainly no exception.

I’ve followed her earlier cellphone-jamming projects with interest. A lot of the stuff from the hardware side went right over my head. I knew what a 555-timer was and that’s about it.

I was certainly amused with the capabilities of the WaveBubble, but what impressed me more was just how nice it looked. I don’t think I have ever had a hardware project that didn’t end up looking like an entry in an elementary school’s science fair. I’m pretty handy with hardware, sure, but my talents are definitely stronger on the software side.

I think maybe I’ll get back into doing some more projects, though, and see if I can get a bit better with my designs as well. I’ve traditionally been more of a function-over-form type of guy, so I had no problem with connecting random things together with bundles of wires, splices, etc. and then tossing it all into a black no-frills project box.

There’s just something really alluring to me, though, about making my own circuit boards and fabricating a custom consumer-quality case for it. To some extent, it’s all about the presentation…

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