I’m actually having a lot of fun with the RentACoder site that I wrote about earlier.  A lot of the requests are pretty “entertaining”, to say the least.  One request I looked at was for a VB.NET class that could handle database access for updating data, retrieving information, etc.  Upon closer reading of the request, though, it was apparent that the guy has no clue what he really wants or what’s involved.  Also, he mentioned that he promised a client he’d build this functionality by Monday.  Awesome.

I ended up finding a request I liked, though.  Someone wanted an application that allowed them to schedule backups of SQL Server databases and email someone after the backup to notify them if it worked or not.  Optionally, the requestor wanted the ability to then archive a week’s worth of database backups into a .ZIP file on a schedule as well.

I had code already for backing up databases and I had a custom stored procedure I’ve used in the past for sending SMTP messages via a SQL stored procedure, so I figured I’d give it a try.  I just finished making the code for creating the job and scheduling it in the Job Agent on SQL.  So now I’m just doing some testing and need to make a basic deployment script and an interface.  The project just needs to be done by January 31, so I figure I’ll add a few neat bells and whistles just for fun.  I’m asking $30 for the project ($5 of which is the cut RentACoder gets).  I feel a little bad charging so much for it… especially since you can basically do the entire thing with existing SQL tools and wizards…. but if I add in some spiffy error-handling and make a nice clean interface, I think it’ll be worth it.  Plus, it gives me a new stored procedure he can use for sending mail via SQL if he wants.  Seems like a good deal, I think.

I’m competing with over a dozen other people, though… so we’ll see if I get it.   Even if I don’t, though, it was a fun excercise to do.

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