Silence Is Golden

Sorry I’ve been somewhat quiet on the blog front lately…  I’m in the process of cashing out my 401K and have been trying to give myself a quick crash-course in stocks…  After I put away a bit for a “rainy day fund”, I’ll have about $10k to play with for stocks.  I’d really like to have about 10 stocks… but I don’t have the cash to get a hundred or so shares of each stock right now, ya’ know?  So I’m trying to figure out whether it’s worth getting a handful of shares of each stock or if I want to get a lot of shares for a few key stocks right now and expand my portfolio later.  Hrmph…

I’m attempting to address a lot of my needs the way any good geek would — with technology :)   Rather than the traditional trending analysis stuff I’ve seen, mine will be much more simple.  I plan on using it for two main purposes… First and foremost, I want it to be used in tracking my losses… That way, if a stock is slowly sapping my money and the rest of the market is pretty steady, I’ll be able to switch my funds somewhere else.  Secondly, I’m looking to tie it in with online news, communities like Digg, etc. so I can stay informed about what’s going on with the companies, get a feel for popular opinions of the company value, etc.   Don’t know how useful any of it will be, but it should be fun.   I’d also like to match it up against larger stuff like mutal funds and whatnot.  If the stock isn’t even noticed by “the big boys”, it is probably a more risky bet than one that is….

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