Addicted To Domain Names

I have over two dozen domain names by now. And as of tonight, a new one has been added.

Still need to make content for it, but whatever…

I also plan on making some “Amish PC” tech support workshirts for myself at some point.

I jokingly told a buddy of mine I wanted a storefront where people could buy parts… but everything would be made of sticks, rocks, etc. He gave me a buncha’ grief because it is supposed to be AmishPC — not CavemanPC. Hehe. For the record, is actually registered by someone… and it isn’t me. Go figure.

So… yeah…. I need a hobby. ;-)

Maybe if I associate myself with “Amish PC” enough, people will stop asking me to help with their computerized ghosts of Christmas Past. The days of Windows 98 and dialup-modem troubleshooting are essentially over, so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much. Being designated The Computer Guy can making things a bit interesting sometimes. But whatever…. comes with the territory, I guess. That being said, I have to remember to call my aunt tomorrow. She’s left a couple voicemails for me over the weekend. Rumor has it, it’s about a Windows 98 pc with dialup-modem issues….

[UPDATE: As of April 2007, I sold this domain for about $500. Wild. Guess I’m not the only one with odd taste in domain names]

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