It Lives!

Took most of the day, but I have my Ubuntu install renamed, joined to the domain, and hosting the wiki that my box used to run. It was interesting transferring my settings and the database over from Windows XP to Ubuntu, but it’s pretty much an identical copy now. There’s only one file or two that I didn’t bother copying over, but those were modified PHP files that had some special handling that, ultimately, I probably don’t need in production anymore.

I need to play with authentication a bit more later and make sure that it’s able to send emails and whatnot, but — overall — it’s been a success.

Anyone know if MS Visual Studio 2005 or SQL Server Tools work in WINE? That would be pimp. No biggie if it doesn’t, though, I’m still ok with dual-booting on my main box for now.

Next on my list:

  • Fix an issue I’m having with ‘sudo’
  • Get a VNC server running running so I don’t need to be at the console
  • Figure out how to connect to Windows boxes via RDC on there
  • Install Asterisk
  • Share Your Thought