Close Enough

I was able to finally get the table structure the way I wanted it.

Since my source data is all plain text, I identify the URLs and then add in the HREF data with the url as the link text as well as the location. Add in basic tags for displaying the images I want next to the next and — BAM! — now I have a grid showing the posts/pictures for each user.

Once that was in place, I did something similar for usernames.

Last but not least, I hijacked the DocumentCompleted event of the browser control to add an OnClick event for each link… That event lets me selectively perform actions based on what I need… So clicking on a normal URL will open up a new browser window displaying what’s needed. Clicking on the image link (the user pic) performs some stuff on the client side to allow replying to that person’s post.

It’ll make a bit more sense once I post some pics…

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