To The Root Of The Issue

I’ve had the MyTouch 3G from T-Mobile for a while now. It’s a good, solid phone. There are a lot of nice apps and features and I instantly fell in love with the Android OS. It was a new experience and I really liked doing stuff on the phone.

Still, that feeling of ‘newness’ only lasts for so long…

Last week, I rooted it and installed the latest stable Cyanogen build. It’s been an absolutely wonderful experience. And really was a night-and-day difference between the official build and the custom ROM.

Plus, there are all sorts of neat tricks to eek out even more benefits. So far, my favorite is simply referred to as the “10MB hack”. The result is an extra 10MB of system memory to play with. Granted, that isn’t a WHOLE lot, but when you’re talking about smart-phones, every little bit counts.

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