Mindfulness Monday

One habit I’ve tried to develop over the years is to periodically update a list of my accomplishments. Not only does this make it easy to refresh my LinkedIn profile or resume but if I’m unable to think of recent accomplishments, it’s a good sign that I need to refocus myself and ensure I’m taking on the right projects (and not simply knocking out simple work orders as a way of killing time).

While that method has served me well over the years, I feel like it can probably be improved upon.

Instead of just updating my accomplishments ‘every now and then’, maybe I should increase the frequency a bit and make it a bit more deliberate…

With that in mind, it would also probably be worthwhile to be proactive in my accomplishments as well. Instead of just passively waiting for a meaningful project to fall in my lap so I have something to write about, I think I might start giving myself some small goals as well, so I have something worthwhile to work towards in between my other tasks.

Every day (or at least every week) should always have a few good accomplishments. And I think the more aware of them that I am, the more motivated it may make me for having an even better day or week the next time.

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