Problem For Future Me

There’s an episode of The Simpsons where Homer is being lectured about regrets he will have later down the road. Homer responds with, “That’s a problem for future Homer. Man, I don’t envy that guy!

As odd at it may sound, I’ve found that to be a rather liberating perspective at times.

Rather than getting bogged down with analysis-paralysis, unknown-unknowns, and trying to plan every last detail before moving forward, sometimes it’s actually a lot more effective to just start moving forward and deal with those pesky ‘implementation details’ later…

Aside from occasionally needing to adjust my approach as I go, nothing is a better motivator than knowing the point of no return is long gone and just needing reach the goal…

It’s a very Zen experience — accepting the present moment’s situation and working with the current tools and knowledge available to move forward.

Maybe I just have a high risk-tolerance level, but it seems to work for me!

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