Shipment Stupidity

I pre-ordered some software for me and a friend.  One was ordered from Best Buy and one was ordered from Walmart.  I promised that whichever arrived first, I’d give to my friend and I’d get the other one.

Now I’m wishing I hadn’t promised that.

The software from Best Buy was here two weeks or so ago — which was a day or two after it was released to the public.   The one from Walmart, however, is still M.I.A.

In viewing the package tracking, I’m simply amazed.  Walmart’s notes on the item are:

Will arrive between Monday, 01/22/07, and Wednesday, 01/24/07

Riiiight. Unless they are also sending me a time machine, I think we’ve got a problem…

Orlando is two hours away from me. Jacksonville is probably, I dunno, four hours away? So it makes its way towards me on the first couple days after I order and then it slowly drifts further and further away. How can this possibly make sense?

Hopefully you can understand my confusion on this…

  • Jan 16 2007
    Mail Retrieved From Shipper
    Received at UPS Mail Innovations Origin RPF (Carol Stream, IL)
    Processed at UPS Mail Innovations Origin RPF (Carol Stream, IL)
  • Jan 17 2007
    Transferred to UPS Mail Innovations Destination RPF (Orlando, FL)
  • Jan 19 2007
    Received at UPS Mail Innovations Destination RPF (Orlando, FL)
    Manifested – Postage Paid
    Your mail piece has been transferred from UPS Mail Innovations to the United States Postal Service.
  • Jan 20 2007
    Entered USPS Facility – BMC (JAXVILLE, FL)
  • Jan 29 2007

I just don’t get it. No matter how I look at it, it simply makes no sense. I wrote Walmart to let them know I wanted to cancel the order. If I knew it would take over two weeks to get an item I pre-ordered with them, I would have simply gone to the store and picked it up days after it came out.

Oh, and when the heck did UPS and USPS begin doing hand-offs to one another? Crazy!

[By the way: Geek points go to whichever poor soul can guess which software I pre-ordered]

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