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I never really understood the Bull and Bear terms used in the stock market until the other night. It just sort of clicked. You ride a bull and you run away from a bear. lol.

Anyhow, I’ve made a lot of progress on my stock app today. Been coding it since around mid-afternoon when I got bored playing WoW. I’m having a blast. It’s really easy to tell when I’m hard at work on something because I’ll have about half a dozen or so instances of Notepad open all showing as “Untitled” in my task bar. That’s typically where I toss source code that I’m working on, where I write my pseudo-code, etc. At the moment, I’m only at 4 instances of it, but that’s after I got through a lot of the framework for it.

Now I’m working on some of the nitty-gritty stuff. Josh and I are arguing a bit about whether to use datasets or arrays for the data used in calculating and then analyzing the moving averages of the stock. Personally, I think a dataset would be the most efficient in this case, but he likes doing things the hard way, I guess, because he was talking about making classes, arrays, etc. Since I’m writing this stuff for me, though, I’ll be using a dataset — thank you very much :)

I’m still looking around online to see if I can find the data I need. I’m not trying to make anything on my own in here unless I absolutely can’t just pull the data from another source online. For non-standard stuff, though, I’m not going to have a choice.

For the moving average, specifically, I’m looking to interpret it as data rather than visually. Actually, I’ll probably do both… But what I’ve found in almost every service, system, etc. is that the trending is shown visually, but there’s no “summary” of it in relation to the price trend. The more I’m talking it out with Josh, though, the more I’m questioning how I can do this… I’m probably going to need to move to another part of the app and revisit the trend stuff once I have more time to get a better handle on the stuff behind it.

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